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☀️ 1. Follow the stock market regularly The analysis of the market through financial statements of enterprises or through indicators on electronic charts.

In addition, socio-political factors and State policies also have a significant impact on the stock market. Therefore, regularly update these news to have a timely investment adjustment plan.

☀️ 2. Divide stock for many different companies

Warren Buffett - Billionaire of the stock industry has advised that "Never put all your eggs in one basket". That means you should diversify your investment portfolio, buying shares of many different companies instead of just concentrating on one company. This will help you limit the risk that when a business makes a loss, there will still be shares that will increase in price, and other businesses will cover your losses.

☀️ 3. Choose a good securities investment consultant

A good stock investment consultant will help you have the right orientation in investment and capital management. When choosing an advisor, you should consider their information such as: qualifications, investment strategy, reputation and real experience in securities investment.

☀️ 4. Always keep learning

Stock investment is not a black and red game, here only skill and mindset will bring you success. Therefore, learning and gaining experience is always essential for investors. You can absorb knowledge about securities valuable lessons from good books like "Get rich from stocks" of William O'neil, update daily news from reputable websites specializing in securities of the world such as or news sites such as CafeF, VietStock... Especially, if you have conditions, please post. Sign up for stock courses or attend seminars by successful speakers to gain insight into the stock market and learn the smartest investment strategy.

☀️ 5. Trading on principle

Each investor should establish his own trading rules, this ensures that your decisions are not swayed by the one-sided opinions of others and even your own temporary inspiration. lay.

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